Moving Day

Tagesworkshop mit Ani Fernàndez- Garcia und Ana Linde

Die Kurse werden auf Englisch und auf Deutsch sein. Bei allen sind natürlich auch Erklärungen auf Spanisch möglich!

Sun Salutation

We are going to perform a moving meditation, with the Sun Salutation Kriya, which is done at transcendental moments using the change of season from summer to fall to connect with the values and virtues of gratitude, humility, compassion, inner peace, world’s peace, love, altruism, sharing and union.

Animal Flow

What is it?
Animal Flow ( AF) is a ground-based movement program, that combines quadruped movements and body
weight control to create an incredible, dynamic, hard and original workout. Designed to improve all
your physical activities and bio motor abilities.
AF certainly evokes a sense of fun, creativity and freedom of movement, but it is still at its heart based
solidly in science. Requires no equipment and utilizes only
the individual’s own bodyweight and gravity resistance.
It will hook you!

Move your fascia

Your muscles and bones float in a sea of connective tissue called fascia. Did you know that?
Fascia is responsible for holding your bone and muscle system, and connect them with each other. It is in charge of directing and shaping your posture, and every movement that comes with it. This tissue is so essential and important, that if it is neglected, it stiffens, dries out and tangles, which limits your ability to move in an agile way, for the practice of any sport or any daily activity, from getting up, to driving in your car. And that my friend, does not sound good, right?
In this session, we will give you a few tips to massage some specific parts of your body in a way that you could do it after by yourself wherever you are whenever you want!
Let’s discover together this new and exciting world!

Kundalini Yoga

In this energetic session, we will first activate and feel the Chakras in a harmonic and energetic way, experiencing and feeling our body in order to enter into a wonderful state of projection and healing of our internal and external projects.
And when they are harmonized we will feel through Kundalini-yoga (a powerful mantra) to heal the physical, mental or emotional body. And give strength with this pure energy to all our projects that are in our hearts and desires.

Conscious movement

During this hour we will “just move around”, but consciously.
We will be creating sequences based in Pilates, Floorwork, Contemporary Dance, Animal Flow moves.
The propose of this session is to wake up your body receptors and make them send as much info to your brain and neuro-system as possible. To generate new neuro-connections by being aware of your body’s posture and position, while having fun and letting yourself go free like a feather in the wind!


25.September from 9.00 am till 15.45 pm


Full day  pass: 115 CHF
Includes:  All the sessions (5)

9.00 – 10.00
Holistic Yoga – Sun salutation
Animal Flow- Intro

11.30- 12.15
Move your fascia – Myofascial release
German and English

12.15 – 13.00
Lunch break! ( not included, more info below*)

13.00 -14.00
Kundalini Yoga – Connect with your inner energy.

14.15 -15.15
Conscious movement – Body awareness

Morning pass: 75 CHF
Includes 3 sessions:

Holistic Yoga – Sun salutation
Animal Flow- Intro
Move your fascia – Myofascial release

Afternoon pass: 50 CHF
Includes 2 sessions:

Kundalini Yoga – Connect with your inner energy.
Conscious movement – Body awareness


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